Class Presentation

The purpose of your presentation is for you to become familiar with a particular topic of choice regarding embedded systems and present this topic to the class using a PowerPoint presentation. You will need to form groups of 2-3 students (you may not work alone) and identify a topic you are interested in. Each student in the group will need to read at least 1 paper on topic and present that paper to the class.

Presentation details

You will have 1 class period in which to present your topic papers. I would expect a good presentation to include enough background information (so you may need to do more research) so that the audience can understand the purpose of the topic. You will also need to cover the details involved in each paper.

Embedded System Topics

To help you to choose a topic, I am not going to give you a topics list, but rather I am going to point you to the top embedded systems conferences. You will need to find the websites for past offerings of these conferences and look through the conference proceedings to indentify a topic and papers of interest. If you find 1 paper that is interesting and are having trouble finding related papers on that topic, you can always look at the related work section of that paper and choose a referenced paper. Here is a list of appropriate conferences, however, some of these conferences include other topics as well as embedded systems. Try and stick within the embedded systems papers


You will need to get your topic and paper selections approved prior to working on your presentation. These components are due at least 2 weeks before your scheduled presentation day but I urge you to submit your requests early.

On the day before your presentation, you will need to email me your slides as well as a list of possible test questions. Each member of the group will need to submit 2 questions based on the paper that you are presenting. I have two reasons for these questions. The first is that it requires you to think about your papers at a different level. And second, I will draw on these questions when creating the final so keep that in mind when you create these questions. Remember, you want them to be fairly high level and not focused on details but you don't want them to be too trivial. A portion of your grade will be based on the quality of these questions.